The questions listed below indicate our attempt to respond to questions that are often asked and, perhaps, some questions or concerns you might have. We can help you discover answers to the questions below.

  • Why am I going through the worst time of my life? How will I make it?
  • Why am I constantly worrying about my problems?
  • Why do I drink or use drugs to cope with my problems?
  • Why am I always arguing with people?
  • Why canít people understand what I am going through?
  • Why do I feel so overwhelmed with stress?
  • Why am I so unhappy in my marriage or present relationship?
  • Will I ever find a meaningful relationship?
  • Why canít I do well on my job, in school or make good presentations?
  • How can I get over being afraid to speak in public or to that Very Important Person?
  • Will I ever get over my relationship breakup?
  • How can I overcome my low self-esteem?
  • Can I get help for my thoughts about harming myself or someone else?
  • How do I get over my great loss (loved one, job, home, etc.)?
  • Are there self help resources available to help me relax or sleep?
  • How can I overcome the constant anxiety, anger or depression that I feel?
  • How do I cope with the anxiety I have about my medical treatment?
  • Can counseling help me cope with some disturbing thoughts I am having?
  • Is there any way for me to control my anger?
  • How can I better manage my worries about my health? Am I suffering from Depression?
  • Can I get help to resolve an issue/conflict with an old friend or a relative?
Other Specialty Areas:
Anxiety...Communications/Conversations...Couples Issues

Emotion Management (anger, depression, fear, frustration, etc.)

Domestic Violence...Grief and Loss...Life Style Change Management

Multicultural Issues...Personal Empowerment Programs (PEPs) including

Anger Management Programs and Post Traumatic Stress Programs

Relationship Issues...Stress Management

Coaching (Business or Life)

Mediation (Business or Personal disputes)

If you would like help in answering one or more of the questions above or counseling to address a concern cited in one of the specialty areas, please contact us and make an appointment. Contact us by phone at (770) 996-5297, by fax at (770) 629-1506, or email at drthomasaparker@drthomasaparker.com.