Individual, couples or group counseling can often help to solve problems related to personal, family and social issues. Major concerns about conversations with people close to you, fellow employees or very Important People can be solved through individual, or theme group counseling. Clients can learn how to live daily with a minimum of worries or burdens that often cause minimal or nonproductive efforts. In counseling, clients can learn to eliminate fears, procrastination, and other dissatisfying emotions and behaviors. Today, Post Traumatic Stress is effecting a larger percentage of the United State's population because of varying losses or other traumatic situations. TAPA counselors help clients with trauma, loss and grief issues. Learning to manage other emotions in counseling like anger, depression, and frustration can be a personally gratifying and empowering experience.


Peps provide more intensive or theme group work in areas like:


Consultation can help schools and other organizations get answers to strategic questions related to providing successful services to satisfied clientele. Our service can help to establish better communication, better relationships among staff members, and better services and programs to maximize the effectiveness of services to students, clients and employees. Effecting change towards a better way of achieving goals is our ultimate objective.


Licensed Associate Professional Counselors (LAPCs) must receive, at least, one half of their supervision from Licensed Professional Counselors. (For additional information about licensing requirments, please see licensure questions at All supervision is provided by counselors who are members of the LPCA-GAs Registry of Approved Counselor Supervisors.


Groups of people who encounter mass trauma as a result of an horrific incident(s) or suffer significant loss can benefit greatly from Critical Incident Stress Debriefing/ Management. Additionally, we provide after care for those affected by events that cause Post Traumatic Stress and Acute Traumatic Stress Management for affected college populations.


Individual, team and systemic problem areas are focused upon in coaching. Our service helps individuals understand themselves and their company, establish strategies for success and take appropriate actions to achieve maximum effectiveness to reach their ultimate individual and professional goals.


Conflict resolution through the mediation process can be an invaluable resource. Problems that seem impossible to resolve and create dysfunctional personal and/or professional relationships can often be solved through mediation. Moreover, mediation can help create a resolution satisfactory to all involved parties and avoid costly litigation.