Personal Empowerment Programs


Anger Management

Causes of anger and rage in one person may be viewed by another person as something trivial. Why is it so difficult for some people to control their anger? In some people everything seems to trigger their anger. Minimally, anger disrupts a person’s ability to think rationally or get the best results from a situation or interact positively with others. In extreme cases, the outcome can result in behaviors that cause injury or harm to the carrier of the emotion or the object of the anger. In addition to societal penalties for uncontrolled anger that causes harm to others, there are very dangerous emotional and physiological changes that anger causes in people. ​ 

The Anger Management program is available to help clients learn to control this very volatile emotion through individual sessions or in groups. Each participant is evaluated and recommendations are made about the best available option for each person. Program participants learn the role that anger plays in their life. Additionally, they learn techniques that can minimize or eliminate the need to allow anger to play a dominant and uncontrolled role in their lives. Anger does not have to be a DEFAULT EMOTIONAL RESPONSE (DER).

Ask your therapist to work with you and set up an individual Anger Management program.

Conversation/Communication Skills

Do you have difficulty communicating your thoughts and/or emotions appropriately? Do you have difficulty expressing your thoughts and feelings to that very special person you know or would like to know? Do you have difficulty talking to Very Important People? If you dread those awkward moments that seem like centuries, this program can be of benefit to you. One of the most fear inducing situations involves presentations or public speaking. This program can help participants learn to overcome those concerns.

Participants develop skills to help meet new people as well as maintain conversations with peers, romantic interests or business colleagues. Why walk away and, upon reflection, wish you had spoken or said something to connect with them when you had the opportunity to do so? Our Conversations Program is a way to learn to deal with those very challenging situations. Groups are available for adolescents and adults.


​Emotion Management

Sometimes a spontaneous release of an emotion can be great temporary relief. In other situations an uncontrolled release of an emotion can render a person unable to cope effectively during exams, interviews or to perform up to their capabilities in other situations. Emotions and, even, phobias can be managed. Due to reactions to certain stressors or situations, one or more emotion may tend to be predominant. Are you constantly frustrated, angry or depressed? Do you think that you cannot control yourself when you get frustrated, angry, depressed, etc? Would you like to learn how to control that DEFAULT EMOTIONAL RESPONSE (DER)? This program helps the participants learn to manage their DERs and other emotions, improve their ability to think through situations, make better decisions and be more confident when interacting with others.


Life Style Change Management

Dissatisfaction with a life style including relationships, social contacts/events and professional aspirations can be changed. Changes in careers or jobs due to economic circumstances or personal choice necessitate new strategies to maintain or create the life style consistent with personal or family goals. Do you want to transition into a different life style or feel compelled to change because of your circumstances? Do you desire vertical mobility in your career? Many people decide to change their life style because of a need to change careers or desire for vertical mobility. Whether a desire for life style change is due to family issues, current volatility in the economy, or a personal decision for a change, learn to take control of the process. Get help with your new goals and accompanying transitions. This program helps participants address transitions through different events and life stages. Life Style Change Management can become the art of controlling your world instead of your worldly circumstances controlling you.


​Personal Empowerment Training

Do you sometimes kick yourself because of how you handled a situation, and think about someone else who would have really handled the situation very well with no problems? Do you wonder how you “let” things happen to you? Would you like to increase your belief in your abilities to respond to challenging situations? Learn to control your personal power. Having personal power can mean the difference between landing a big deal, connecting with a person of interest or going through life with a lower level of stress.


Personal Empowerment Training can help:

  • Increase self awareness about strengths and weaknesses 
  • Improve decision making abilities
  • Develop effective communication abilities
  • Develop Actions for Personal Success (DAPS)
  • Increase motivation to create personal winning solutions


​Post Traumatic Stress

Life threatening events in which there is a sense of serious injury or death and a complete loss of control can cause Post Traumatic Stress with accompanying emotional, physical and psychological symptoms. Victims of major disasters, soldiers in war, victims of acts of violence including sexual assaults, robberies and other violent personal attacks can experience the “after shocks” of the disasters or violence. Moreover, sometimes people close to those who are victims can develop Post Traumatic Stress. Post Traumatic Stress severely impairs activities at work, in social situations and other areas of life. Post Traumatic Stress Programs are designed to help participants work through event(s) and function more normally in everyday situations.

Relationship Strengthening Skills Training (Couples, Families and Groups)

Healthy relationships can be invaluable in lowering stress and allowing one to utilize their talents towards creative ventures, work, and other endeavors. Unhealthy relationship can steal personal energy needed to be successful in other areas of your life. Are you in a personal relationship that seems to be going nowhere or dragging you down? Do you constantly encounter conflicts at work? The techniques that you learn in Relationship Strengthening Skills Training can help you to create healthy relationships with those significant to you.


​Stress Management: Maintaining Life at Your Speed

One constant in today’s society is that there will be stressful encounters on the job, in family and personal relationships or in life generally. Does stress seem to be your co-pilot? Do you seem to be speeding through life at an uncontrolled pace? Some stress can be motivational but too much stress can cause psychological problems, sickness or major medical problems. Our Stress Management program is designed to help you learn to handle or minimize your stressful encounters. Learn to use the Intra-Muscular Tension Control (IMTC) process. You can learn how to handle your stress. If you are opposed to using medication or you cannot use meditation during your most stressful times, this process is useful in a variety of situations.